Primary Sources about Memorial Construction

World Trade Center Memorial

Similar to the construction of the Vietnam Memorial, a competition was initiated to find the best architects to create a memorial space for the World Trade Center following the 9/11 attacks. The completion was open to the public in 2003. Click the image to  find the official  competition guidelines.

After a evaluating thousands of entries that followed the required guidelines (see document above), the World Trade Center Memorial jury selected Micheal Arad’s entry, entitled “Reflecting Absence.” After their selection the jury published a statement in regards to the winning selection. Click the image above to read the complete statement.

To learn more about the WTC Memorial please click on the link below. 



Pentagon Memorial

Unlike the World Trade Center buildings, which were completely destroyed during the attacks, the Pentagon suffered great damage and loss of life, but was only partially destroyed during the attacks. It was decided that the Pentagon would undergo the reconstruction. To learn about the reconstruction please click on the link below.

In addition to the reconstruction of the building, a new memorial was constructed to be open to the public. Similar to the WTC Memorial, the memorial is in an open space on the grounds where the attack occurred. It includes benches and trees in honor of those lost in the attacks. To learn more about the memorial please click the link below. 















The Flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville, Pa

Similar to the memorial at the World Trade Center, a competition was also initiated for the construction of a memorial at the crash site for Flight 93, in Shanksville, Pa. The competition began in the spring of 2004, a few months after the design for the WTC was chosen. To learn more about the competition please click on the link below. 

The memorial in Shanksville, Pa was constructed in 2010. The memorial is now a National State Park, open to the public. Similar to the WTC and Pentagon memorials, the memorial is outdoors on the grounds of the crash site. To learn more about the completed memorial and it’s design please click on the link below.