Primary Sources on Memorial Controversy

Unfortunately, the 9/11 memorials have been subjected to many controversies, most notably the presence of Islamic symbols at and around memorial sites. These controversies play into the greater discussion of religion in the way we talk about the American resilience following the events of September 11th. 

Following the selection of the Flight 93 Memorial design public outrage grew as it was revealed the design resembled Islamic symbols, such as a cresent moon and a Bell Tower, which doubled as a prayer sun dial. 

Families and survivors were among some of the most vocal opponents to the design. To view the complete ad published by a family member in opposition to the memorial, please view the image below. To read more about those in opposition to the memorial deign, please click on the link following the image.

In addition to the controversy in Shanksville, the debate would continued a few years later at the World Trade Center Memorial site. A design for a Muslim community park, known as Park51, was proposed to open in downtown Manhattan. Those in opposition felt that a Muslim park in such close proximity to the memorial site was disrespectful. To learn more about the controversy please click on the links below.